Jokikone offers a wide selection of different secondhand vehicles. Every secondhand item is an individual in which the time and the use have left their markings. Others spring is still new in similar order. With one another already more trip but its price has been folded, they still are worth it all.

The name of the game includes that we tell straightly everything that we know about each. We want in fact to be also just the best buying place of used in Finland.

Used boats and outboard motors, motorcycles, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles and power products, such as used chainsaws, clearance saws, lawn-mowers and snowblowers.

You will find all our used exchange devices grouped through next icons.

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Marko Halonen

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Pekka Alenius

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Arto Taulio

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Eevi Halonen


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