Skilled and trained the brand service

From the Jokikone you get a full maintenance part, spare part and accessories to all the brands represented by us. We maintain the professional skill of our service staff with the constant education. Our service has been equipped with the latest special tools and testers. In the service of the Jokikone your motorcycle, your moped, your all-terrain vehicle, your jetski, your snowmobile, your boat always get the best possible care without forgetting other power products.

Our  brand service performs so as the season maintenances, accessories installations like the damage corrections of insurance companies.


Trough us you also get the maintenances, corrections and buildups and transfers of boats with outboard or inboard motors, and washes and season preservation through us. Also boat electricity, electronics and buildups on experience of many years.


When the damage happens...

In the crash corrections and boat accidentally we work in cooperation with all the insurance companies. We make the cost estimates to the company and customer.

If damage has happened, we make the correction to the customer as easy as possible. In practice the customer only needs to make the damage report to an own insurance company and we manage the rest.

We make the crash corrections and boat corrections to all the brands.
If needed, we help in transports of the vehicles, which has been damaged.

We wish you welcome to Jokikone.


Tel: +358 10 3878 100

Address:  Teollisuuskatu 24 80100 Joensuu

Service opening hours: monday - friday  8:00 - 16:00

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N.B.! If all our lines are reserved, your call combines to the interviewee service, remember to dictate your telephone number also, the player's number is not automatically recorded in the interviewee.

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