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HJC i90 Kypärä Pearl White


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The HJC *I90* is the advanced polycarbonate flip-up helmet which combines a pleasantly light weight, outstanding fit and excellent comfort. Approved for wearing as both a jet (open-face) and full-face helmet. As a standard feature, it's ready for fitting the HJC communication systems *Smart HJC 10B* and *Smart HJC 20B*. All in all, this top-range flip-up helmet will likely become your first-choice touring helmet. The *I90* is in fact the direct successor to the very successful HJC *IS-Max II*.

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  • Visor: clear, with Pinlock visor insert
  • Sun visor: integral, smoked with anti-fog coating.
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Outer shell sizes: 3 (XS-S, M-L and XL-XXL)
  • Fastener: Ratchet fastener
  • Weight: 1660 grams/LI Lining: comfort lining, fully removable and washable
  • Ventilation: Chin and top inlet vents plus air flow rear extraction
  • Other features: Ready for fitting the Smart HJC Bluetooth communication system. Chin curtain and breath guard are included.
  • Certificates: 22:05 (P/J) (approved as jet (open-face) and full-face helmet)
HJC Factories dedicating to quality and a reasonable price. HJC has 4 factories based in South Korea, North Korea, China, and Vietnam, which produce more than one Million helmets per year. Your helmet is hand-made by very skilled workers with over 40 steps in that process. The perfect logistics guarantees a reasonable price. The quality control ensures your satisfaction. The largest sales distribution networks worldwide. A good distribution organization and suited warehouses enable HJC to deliver more than one MILLION helmets around the world. In the USA and Europe, hundreds of thousands of helmets, accessories, and spare parts are stored ensuring an outstanding delivery and after-sales service.

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